Detox from Xanax

Xanax withdrawal symptoms include shakiness, panic attacks, sweating, rapid heartbeat, difficulty sleeping (insomnia), and may include seizures and confusion.

Thousands of people have safely detoxed from Xanax in our comfortable medical detox center. Read some of their own testimonials describing our "Detox with Dignity" program.

Xanax, or alprazolam, is a benzodiazepine like Valium, Ativan, and Klonopin. It is a depressant or tranquilizer, used to help relieve the symptoms of anxiety and panic disorders. When a client is dealing with a dual problem such as this, it is imperative that both the dependency on the drug and the anxiety disorder be treated hand-in-hand.

Medical support is required for detox from Xanax and other diazepines, as withdrawal may be dangerous, and include delirium and seizures. The combination of physical and emotional dependency must be treated during withdrawal from Xanax.  At Sunrise Detox, we use medications that effectively manage Xanax withdrawal symptoms and allow our clients to remain comfortable and relaxed  during their stay with us. If you have any questions please contact our admissions specialists by calling 954-491-9700.

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