Detox from Methadone

Methadone was once seen as the “cure” for opiate dependency and opioid use disorder (OUD)

Methadone dependency has now become as big a problem as the drugs it was used to replace.

Many treatment programs use Methadone to help addicts stop taking poweful illegal drugs like heroin. Methadone works as a substitute drug. Provided legally and at low cost, methadone replacement can reduce some of the stress and urgency associated with drug use, while engaging the user in a pattern of behavior that supports getting sober. Like heroin and the other drugs it is intended to replace, methadone is addictive. For many, methadone replacement therapy is simply a different form of drug addiction.

We can help you detox from methadone in a safe, comfortable setting, supported medically to ensure your comfort. We can get you on the road to true recovery from dependence on Methadone.

methadone rehab as seen on tv intervention