Drug Detox

Detox is the first stage of any drug rehab or substance abuse treatment program

Don't let fear of withdrawal sickness keep you using. Detox in comfort and dignity, at a detox center designed to keep you comfortable, safe, and supported.

Drug addiction treatment is serious business. The behaviors associated with addiction can be devastating for individuals, their families, and society. But the path to treatment starts with detox. A comfortable, safe detox is the best foundation for successfully advancing into rehab/treatment, and achieving recovery. 

At Sunrise Detox, you start in a comfortable, dignified atmosphere. Wear your own clothing. Walk about freely. Smoke on the patio if you have to. Retreat to the privacy of your own room, or interact with other guests in our spacious common areas. Our award winning chef provides delicious, nutritious meals that strengthen your body. Our counselors, nurses, and technicians understand what you are going through, and support you 24/7. 

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