Drug Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse treatment is for everyone suffering under a physical or emotional dependency on drugs or chemicals

A strong physical dependency may develop with some drugs, with serious withdrawal symptoms if stopped. In some cases, withdrawal can be dangerous. We provide a safe, comfortable detox in a prositive, supportive setting.

Both legal and illegal drugs may be habit-forming. When legal drugs are used for non-medical purposes, or prescribed drugs are overused, they can cause drug addiction.

Symptoms of drug addiction include:

  • Uncontrollable cravings for the drug
  • Withdrawal symptoms when deprived of the drug
  • Drug use starts to cause financial, relationship, work or health problems, yet still continues
  • Social withdrawal and risk-taking, to enable drug use, are signs of addiction

Sunrise Ft. Lauderdale is a fully-licensed medical detox facility. Detox is the first stage of treatment, and a safe, comfortable detox is the a strong foundation for continued treatment and recovery.

We provide detox services as part of a drug treatment plan, which may include inpatient rehab following detox (at a treatment center selected to match your needs),or outpatient treatment as determined by assessment.

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