Directions to Ft. Lauderdale Detox

Sunrise Detox Center, Medical Detox Clinic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (954) 491-970

The detox clinic is located at 2331 North East 53rd Street just north of Commercial Blvd. on Route 1.

Sunrise Detox is a full-service medical detox facility for inpatient drug and alcohol detox. Patients stay in-residence at the detox center for anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on medical status, the type of substances involved, and the length of time spent under the influence before seeking treatment. Most patients continue on to rehab or other addiction treatment.

Detox is a required first step for anyone suffering under a physical dependency and seeking rehab or addiction treatment. Medically-supervised detox is the safest, most comfortable way to withdraw from substance use, and is medically necessary in many cases. 

Sunrise Detox partners with other responsible health professionals, treatment centers, unions, insurance companies, and others involved with addiction treatment, behavioral health, wellness, and co-occurring disorders, to insure a continuum of quality care for those suffering the consequences of addiction and dependency on drugs or alcohol. Contact us for more information.

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