Carfentanil is not a Recreational Drug

Deadly carfentanil hidden in street drugs is killing users all across North America.

In this interview, a seasoned heroin user describes his near-death experience after encountering carfentanil-laced heroin. Listen as he describes in his own words, the lack of a high, the lack of any sensory or subconscious experience - it was simply a black out that preceeds death for most addicts accidentally using carfentanil.

We warned early on when carfentanil was found mixed into heroin. We recognzied the name similarity to fentanyl (aka "fentanol" or "phentanol"). We warned again when carfentanil was discovered by police in Canada and the US, and we continue to try and help highlight the very real risk that is currently associated with street drug use. A single grain-of-sand sized portion can kill a human.

We see the unexplained deaths from sudden overdose, every day, even among hardened, seasoned drug users. Carfentanil is not another level of heroin or fentanyl : carfentanil is deadly to humans.