Florida Realtors: Please Help Secure Medications at Open House Events

Most pharmacies will take back unwanted prescription drugs for proper disposal, free of charge. Some Florida communities sponsor Drug Take Back days as well.

Real estate professionals please beware: thieves are targeting Open House events, using them as opportunities to steal prescription drugs from unsecured medicine cabinets and bedroom night stands.

With the increases in prescribing of addictive opiates and opioid pain killers like Oxycontin, Roxycodone, and Vicodin, came increased abuse and dependency on those drugs. When supplies are then restricted by efforts to prevent abuse, patients who had become accustomed to these addicting medications are left without access. 

The consequences of withdrawal from significant levels of prescription painkillers are serious. The withdrawal sickness and accompanying challenges are difficult at best. Most people addicted to prescription drugs will have to either ask for help from a detox center or rehab program, or will find ways to obtain the drugs they need at that point, usually via illegal channels. 

Thieves have been targeting Open House events as one way to obtain supplies of prescription medicines. These meds are then abused or sold on the black market illegally. Realtors and those selling their homes with Open House events need to make sure they don't leave prescription medications within reach of visitors.

Opiate addiction is the current driver of most prescription drug abuse and black market activity, but those addicted to opiates suffer many associated problems from addiction. Difficulty sleeping and anxiety are very common. Drug suppliers offer "easy" solutions to these problems, in the form of more pills: anti anxiety medications, sleeping pills, and other drugs.

Most individuals coming into Sunrise Detox for treatment for opiate (prescription pain killers) have also taken some other prescription medications illegally. They try to "self-medicate" for these related problems.

Any prescription medications can be trouble if misused or left unattended where they may be taken and sold into the black market. 

Please raise awareness of this issue with your realty professionals and those hosting Open House events in their homes. A few extra minutes to secure prescription medicines along with personal valuables can save our communities a significant amount of  pain and distress, in the form of less addiction and less harm from drug abuse.

by Sunrise Detox Ft Lauderdale on March 22, 2014, 12:44 a.m.