Is Your Sober Date a Palindrome? Start this Week!

A palindrome is a word which means the same thing backwards as it does forwards.

Sometimes remarkable coincidences are not actually coincidences, but the result of things coming together. Sometimes, things that were carefully planned for some other reason, create a situation where other things "come together" in unique and interesting ways.

When dealing with addiction and the consequences of addiction, we know this all too well. Various names have been assigned to the phenomena we cannot explain, but we know for sure must have been intended: divine intervention, karma, kismet, serendipity.

This week is "palindrome week". Every day this week, the numerical date will be correct forwards and backwards! That is definitely a sign that this is the right time to start your journey away from drugs. This is the week to get help with the alcohol problem. This is the week to start on the road to a better life.

Look at the dates this week, and marvel at the beauty of the coincidence. We can't think of any better day to start a "new beginning" than such a day. Call for help now, and you can forever remember the day you made it all happen. A palindrome date!

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by Sunrise Detox Ft Lauderdale on April 14, 2014, 4:52 p.m.


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