Mr. Cocaine Arrested for Xanax in Florida - What?

When the judge asked the defendent his name.. he didn't expect to hear this.

The Sun-Sentinel is reporting of a court case involving a Ft. Lauderdale man charged with illegal possession of Xanax, a popular anxiety drug often abused and available on the black market. Xanax is often used by opiate and opioid addicts, in attempts to manage some of the additional anxiety brought on by the drug seeking and the stressful challenges of living with an addiction. In this case, there's no mention of addiction. The man had apparently been stopped in Pembroke Pines, and arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

When asked to state his name, he replied Edward Cocaine. His last name is Cocaine.

The judge noted that Mr. Cocaine must be suspected of drug activity every time he suffers a traffic stop, which Mr. Cocaine confirmed.

We wish Mr. Cocaine the best of luck, and support him in spirit, as he addresses his drug use.

by Sunrise Detox Ft Lauderdale on April 18, 2014, 11:03 a.m.


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