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Holiday Recipes for Success in Recovery : Family Gatherings

For many in early recovery or post-relapse recovery, the Holiday family gathering can be a trial. Here's one "Holiday Recipe" for success worth considering.
The holidays are a time of reunion, and family gatherings can pose a challenge for those returning home in recovery. In this series of posts, we highlight some "Recipes for Success" submitted by individuals experienced with addiction, recovery, and the often complex and sometimes comical family dynamics encountered during the holidays.

NTSB Suggests 0.05% DUI Level

The NTSB has started a discussion about lowering the DUI threshold to 0.05% BAC

The National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) has started a conversation about lowering the DUI (driving under the influence) threshold to 0.05% BAC. While DUI is governed by state law, a common threshold level is 0.08% blood alcohol concentration (BAC).