Bath Salts Still a Threat in Florida

Bath Salts gained attention after the violent face-biting attack in Miami. The synthetic compounds in bath salts often cause erratic, violent behavior.

Playboy Magazine Report on Molly in Miami

The danger warnings about Molly (MDMA) and Ecstasy are worth repeating, based on recent reports and studies of the drug around Miami and South Florida. The biggest threat seems to be the marketing of the drug. What is being sold as "Molly" or MDMA, is not usually MDMA.

Molly is said to be sold to discerning customers who look down upon users of Ecstasy and bath salts, because Molly is allegedly a pure chemical form of a drug that many believe is not dangerous. Molly users are not like those violent fiends on bath salts. Molly users are not meth addicts. Molly users are not cocaine abusers. At least they don't think so.

Streets Drugs are Corrupted with Dangerous Chemicals that can Kill

Unfortunately both police and harm reduction advocates are showing that what is sold as Molly in South Florida today is very much polluted with the synthetic bath salts, cocaine, and meth. Miami's version of molly seems especially corrupt - the DEA found 43 different substances in seized molly, and 19 of those chemical compounds could not even be identified by DEA lab experts.

Toxicology report for a young man found dead at a dance
festival showed lethal levels of methylone, a bath salt.
Playboy magazine recently ran an expose on molly and ecstasy bought around Miami, written by local writers from the Miami New Times. They concluded that "molly" is simply a rebranded street drug full of whatever the supplier mixed in, including meth, cocaine, synthetic cannabinoids including the infamous zombie bath salts, and other unknown compounds. The bath salts are especially deadly. They raise the body temperature to unsafe levels which cause erratic and often violent behavior, and ultimately organ failure.

Chances are very good that those news reports of naked,violent men are actually cases of bath salts poisoning. They strip naked because they are burning up inside, and are in a state of confusion, unaware of their status or surroundings. The violent behavior seems to be related to the way these drugs affect the emotional centers within the brain. 

"Essentially your body temperature gets so high and your body can't handle that high temperature, your muscle start breaking down and when that happens, your organs start failing" -- Medical Examiner

What can be done?

The chasing of the high is just one aspect of substance abuse. Understanding the reasons for that pursuit, when known risks are involved, is key to understanding drug abuse and the addiction that can follow from sustained use and abuse. Awareness of the risks is important, but so is awareness of what causes high-risk, destructive behavior to continue despite negative consequences.

Destructive, Compulsive Behavior can be Treated. It can be Managed.

The destructive, compulsive behaviors associated with drug abuse and drug addiction can be treated. The first step in substance abuse treatment is detox, to remove the influence of substances from the equation. The second step, is to recognize and acknowledge the underlying disorders that accompany substance abuse, as well as the physical and mental side effects that contribute to the cravings, need, and desire for the drugs. This is done in treatment, where a unique treatment plan is created for each person.

With so many dangerous compounds mixed into today's street drugs, the risks are very high. Anyone experiencing unwanted compulsion to use drugs or alcohol, should seek help as soon as possible. Make the call, before the really bad stuff happens.

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by Sunrise Detox Ft Lauderdale on April 9, 2014, 9:57 p.m.