Posts from May, 2014

7th Graders Taking Drugs at Watson Duncan Middle School

Seventh graders in a Palm Beach County middle school created a scare today, when it was revealed they had been taking over-the-counter sleep aids during school.
At least 10 seventh graders from the Watson P. Duncan middle school were sent to the hospital today, after it was learned they had ingested muscle relaxants/sleep aids as well as other drugs, during the school day.

Counterfeit Drugs on the Internet

Weight loss pills are one of several types of counterfeit drugs which have been found to contain dangerous chemical compounds that are known to be deadly if consumed.

News reports are highlighting the increasing dangers of buying drugs sold over the Internet. Counterfeiters are spending serious effort and money to make exact fakes, which even big drug companies say look exactly like the real thing. But people are getting sick and some have died.