Posts from April, 2014

Mr. Cocaine Arrested for Xanax in Florida - What?

When the judge asked the defendent his name.. he didn't expect to hear this.
When you work in a serious field like addiction treatment, you come to appreciate some of the little less-serious oddities of real life. Getting arrested is always serious, but this case even made the judge chuckle.

Is Your Sober Date a Palindrome? Start this Week!

A palindrome is a word which means the same thing backwards as it does forwards.
Sometimes you have to accept what you see, no matter how amazing. This week, is Palindrome Week...

Bath Salts Still a Threat in Florida

Bath Salts gained attention after the violent face-biting attack in Miami. The synthetic compounds in bath salts often cause erratic, violent behavior.
Deadly Bath Salts have not gone away, and remain a danger in Florida. The synthetic chemicals are increasingly found mixed into street drugs like Ecstasy and Molly (MDMA).