Addiction Treatment

Addiction can be Treated. Withdrawal can be Managed Comfortably.

You can detox safely and comfortably, following the proven medical detox protocols administered by Sunrise Detox. We call it "Detox with Dignity". We know that a comfortable detox experience is the first step towards a successful recovery. 

Addictions can happen to anyone. With both legal and illegal substances, overuse can lead to physical dependence. Once physically dependent on a substance, your entire life organizes around gaining access to more of the substance, to avoid the sickness that comes with withdrawal. This process of addiction leads to dangerous mental, physical, and social problems.

Addiction can be treated, and treatment starts with detox. In some cases, withdrawal can be fatal, so medically-supervised detox is recommended. Sunrise Detox is a medically supervised detox focused on quality of care and the comfort of our guests. We carefully manage withdrawal using proven protocols and approved medications, to ensure patient comfort.

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