Drug Take Back Day 2014 : Florida

138 Collection Sites in Florida Removed over 16,000 lbs of Drugs

On the 9th National "Drug Tack Back Day" in 2014, 138 collection sites in Florida removed over 8 tons of unwanted prescription medicines, illegal drugs, and unwanted or expired medicines from homes and neighborhoods throughout the state.

Drug Take Back Day is a National effort to remove unwanted drugs from circulation, as a way to help reduce both accidental poisonings and drug abuse. The Annual Event helps raise awareness of an important fact : leftover unused prescription drugs in medicine cabinets very often "disappear", ending up for sale on the streets, or abused by drug abusers and addicts. 

On Drug Take Back Day, everyone has an opportunity to dispose of unwanted drugs with "no questions asked" and no cost. The next 10th Annual Drug Take Back Day is September 26th 2015 from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm at locations to be announced on the DEA website.